LeBron James and Daniel Gibson Feud Over “King”

It’s no secret that the people of Cleveland hate LeBron James. When he did the Cavs dirty with last summer’s Decision, he effectively cut all ties with the town. And in the wake of that move, Cleveland has looked for its next savior and lead athlete. No, Grady Sizemore and Peyton Hillis don’t qualify. Sorry, guys.

However, at least one Cavalier thinks he’s up to the challenge. From Brian Windhorst on ESPN.com:

It began at a birthday party for [Daniel] Gibson and Cleveland-based DJ Steph Floss on Friday night. During the event, two witnesses told ESPN.com that Gibson made a reference to being the new king of Cleveland during a toast.

For some reason, this boast did not make LeBron happy. Here’s what he said on Twitter:

Okay, sure, whatever… We guess it is ludicrous for Gibson to proclaim himself the king of a terrible basketball team when he’s not even its best player, but maybe LeBron should let the media do the work here.

Of course, Gibson caught wind of LeBron’s tweet and decided to be the better man, as long as “being the better man” involves humble-bragging about your own restraint on Twitter.

In the same article, Windhorst notes that James and Gibson later cleared the air, and thus ended the stupidest argument in NBA history.

Let’s count all the dumb things happening here:

1. Gibson proclaimed himself the new King of Cleveland even though he averages 12.5 ppg with a PER of 13.2 for an 11-48 team.

2. LeBron heard about this boast and decided that he should still be known as the King of Cleveland despite everyone in the city hating him.

3. LeBron then told everyone about it on Twitter.

4. Gibson decided he was more mature than James after proclaiming himself King of Cleveland at his own birthday party.

5. Gibson told everyone about it on Twitter.

6. Both had a moment of clarity and realized they were acting childish. Don’t ask us why it took them so long.

7. A journalist decided it was noteworthy.

8. I also thought it was important and wrote a blog post about it.

W’e’re sure we’re missing something, but it’s hard to believe any argument between players could get any stupider. Prove us wrong, NBA!

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