Need A Little Sugar Added To Your Wardrobe?

Black Roses is proud to present to you a line of apparel simply too sweet to resist! If you hadn’t heard of Sugar Mafia before, you are about to.

Sugar Mafia is a hot new t-shirt line for women and men created by Atlanta based designer, Latasha Harris. “Sugar Mafia is more than just a t-shirt line, it’s a lifestyle”, stated Harris. Each shirt displays a different expression that can represent individual’s mood at some point in their life.

The line is known for its risqué, edgy and very bold phrases and graphics. The trick that sets Harris apart from other clothing line owners is that she is the creative artist behind Sugar Mafia’s designs. Sugar Mafia is loosely based on stereotypic “mafia qualities”, such as mafia members as Harris laughingly calls them. The members receive email notifications informing them of sales and events before the general public. Members also receive perks that are not available to the public, such as free admission to events. It is easy to become a mafia member; you simply sign up on the website or at any Sugar Mafia event.

The first collection Harris released was the fall 2009 “Raw Sugar” Collection that was very explicit when it came to expression through hot, fresh and sometimes politically incorrect t-shirt concepts and designs. Her spring 2010 collection called “Dope Girl Fresh” has more of a retro, “in your face”, feminine and funky feel to them. The summer 2010 “Barbie Bitch Project” collection was influenced by the “Barbie Movement” inspired by rapper Nicki Minaj.

Harris has also recently created “The Sugar Mafia Company” which will stand as the umbrella company for Sugar Mafia and many more business ventures that she will pursue. Be on the lookout for new, fresh designs and productions from The Sugar Mafia Company.

You can check out more about Sugar Mafia, including their collections, missions, and other fashion twinklets via The Sugar Mafia Co. website.


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